Destination Dance

The Destination Dance program follows an outstanding preschool & elementary curriculum designed around the Magical Kingdom of Dance, which is a sugar-coated method for the young beginner to learn the basic fundamentals of the art of dancing.

The Magical Kingdom of Dance is a highly successful way to blend the elements of amusement with physical activity, technical knowledge, and skills pertaining to dance with music appreciation. The method is presented in picture form to make it easy for children to remember steps, positions, directions and terminology. At this age we send home handouts and coloring sheets periodically to reaffirm what is learned in class.

From there we build into our intermediate classes and curriculums that we have developed in-house, and then progress into our advanced and competitive programs.

“Destination Arts is fantastic!! The staff is super knowledgeable and makes it super fun for my dancer!”


Destination Dance
Magical Kingdom of Dance Studio - teaching little ballerinas French terms, basic steps and a lifetime love of dance