Tuition and Fees

2020-2021 School Year (September 14, 2020 – June 20, 2021):

Tuition is an annual fee that can be paid in monthly installments or in full at the time of registration. It is important to understand that your tuition rate remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month or holidays. Tuition is required regardless of absences; including vacation and illness.

Destination Arts 2020-2021 Class Pricing

A non-refundable registration fee is due annually at the time of enrollment for all students –

 $30 for 1 student or $60 max per family.

Additional School-Year Class Fees

The other required fees for the year are a recital costume fee (per class taken) & recital tickets to watch the show. We do not charge a recital fee like most studios (and that’s why we charge for tickets instead.) These fees are given out up front in our policies once you register. No hidden fees, ever!

**An additional $10 prop fee is due per child for all Rising Stars (age 3-6 ballet & tap combination) classes since we can’t share props during COVID-19. This fee is on top of your $30 annual registration fee. The prop kit is yours to keep, and comes in a bag for you to bring it to class each week. This bag will also act as your small dance bag to keep your shoes in for class.**

Music Lesson Pricing

Private Music Lessons are $30 each (for 30 minute lessons), paid for monthly on the first of the month for the amount of lessons scheduled for your day/time in that particular month (around our yearly calendar and holidays). Ex: 4 Tuesday lessons in March would be $120. The lesson time is yours and renews on a recurring basis monthly until you let us know otherwise that you would like to discontinue. Our annual registration fee of $30 per student or $60 per family is due at the time of enrollment.

“…Cameron is very organized, there are no hidden fees, and the recitals are well planned and prepared for…One of the best things we’ve ever done was join Destinations Arts!”

Shelby Kline (Mom of Sophie & Stella)