Acrobatics @ Destination Arts



Destination Arts offers acrobatic/tumbling classes for ages 3 + years. Your student will work on tumbling skills that could be put in a dance routine. We do things such as rolls, jumps, and flexibility, leading up to cartwheels, backbends, back walkovers, and eventually higher-level skills such as back/front handsprings, aerials, etc. as students progress. Destination Arts is proud to offer classes in a safe and family-friendly atmosphere, where confidence-building is a priority. We follow a progressive curriculum, and all of our acrobatic/tumbling instructors are certified in safe spotting and teaching techniques by the Tumbling Effect method.

“My daughter is the poster-child for the confidence building at DAC! When she started at 2 she was so shy and would cry every week. She now takes dance, cheer and acro and walks into class excited and ready to go. She is truly a different child now.”