DAC Locker Rental

No more forgetting shoes at home or losing one in the parking lot! The Annex with studios C & D now has a large lobby/waiting area and we have added lockers! Locker rental is $10 per month on a recurring basis until you discontinue and clear out your locker. Lockers are in no way mandatory, but are great for students who take multiple classes per week and get tired of dragging all of their dance shoes and bag back and forth! There are only 36 total lockers available, so locker rental is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to rent a locker you can fill out the form below and we will get a lock & nameplate ready for your dancer.


Rental Fees:
$10 per month charged to the main card on file for your account
Locker Terms & Conditions:
1. DAC will assign lockers & locks to students on a first come, first served basis.
2. Lockers are to be used by the dancer who is registered for it. They can be shared inside of a family, but not with friends.
3. Locks will be supplied by DAC and have a master key available to help us access locks should students have trouble with their lock, or if parents need to get in without students.
4. Only dance shoes, books, and clothing is to be stored in the locker. NO FOOD unless it’s completely factory-sealed and unopened (ie. a protein bar or bag of chips, etc. that hasn’t been opened yet since purchase.) ONLY SEALED WATER or NON-SPILL water bottles can be kept inside of lockers.
5. Opened food found inside of a locker results in termination of agreement.
6. Lockers need to be tidied quarterly:
– October
– January
– April
– June
7. Decorations inside lockers are allowed as long as they are not permanent. No decorations outside of lockers beyond your nameplate and any magnets we supply you with.
8. If a student withdraws from DAC, the locker will need to be cleaned out and the lock removed within one week of the withdrawal.
9. If your lock goes missing off of DAC property, you will be immediately required to pay a replacement fee of $35 + tax.

How to program your lock with your own code: