Destination Arts Dance Teams (DAC PAC)

Dance Lessons Teach Life Lessons!


Our DAC PAC (Performing Arts Collective) is performance-based, community-driven team where the main goal is NOT on competition. We do attend dance competitions, but the focus is on personal growth and confidence-building above all! Performing in and for our community is what we are all about!



1 – Educational Experiences

2 – Performance-Based Experiences

3 – Community-Driven Experiences

4 – Character Building Experiences



Interested in being a part of the DAC PAC at Destination Arts? Contact us for more information!

We currently have 7 teams starting at age 6 and going to age 18:

  • SOAR

You will ultimately be placed by ability and instructor discretion, as some teams may overlap ages.



2024-2025 PAC Auditions

Our PAC Team Auditions are on Monday, June 10, 2024 at our Oak Ridge Campus!

Sign up for an audition appointment time-block on the date above. We will book each time block in small groups, by age. (If you can’t make the above date, there is an option to register for a video audition.)

You will be sent short, age-appropriate dance combos in jazz & tap to learn from video a week or two prior to your audition date. This shows that you can be held accountable and really want to train on a higher level! During your audition block you will perform these short combos a few times and show any other skills, flexibility, etc. in a low-pressure environment.

You will need your jazz and tap shoes for auditions – you can use ballet shoes or go barefoot if you don’t currently have jazz shoes.

All PAC team members are required to take at least 2 weeks of our 4-week Summer Class Session. You are also required to take our Back-to-School Team Bootcamp. 

Current team members must re-audition each year for team placement. All team fees/time commitments, etc. are given out with team placements, so you will know up front what to expect if you were to accept. There is no obligation to join a team just from auditioning. Please contact us if you have any additional questions!

There is a $25 audition fee. You do need to pre-register at the link below to secure your spot.


“I had been coming to Destination Arts during the summers for the past few years to take summer classes and enjoy fun intensives and camps. I loved it so much that it was the main reason I moved from my home state to live in NC with my mom! I love the school and the teachers and students are incredibly kind and welcoming!”

S.L. (Team Alumni)

We look forward to dancing with you!