We are a half day, play-based preschool operating from 9-12 Monday-Friday. Through themed units we will be focusing on many skills this year, including a great deal of fine motor skills practice to help our little hands become strong and ready for writing. We will work on name recognition (as well as tracing and writing), one-to-one counting, grouping and sorting, positional words, colors, shapes, letter and number recognition and for our older students, rhyming words and patterns.


We will improve our pre-reading skills through alphabet recognition and letter sounds using Zoophonics. Zoophonics is a multi-sensory, kinesthetic method to teaching phonemic awareness and letter recognition. It uses animals in the shapes of letters for easy recognition, along with movements for each given letter. It is a wonderful fit for all types of learners.


We also work on all of the social aspects of school – sharing, taking turns, sitting at circle time, walking in line, packing up our belongings, helping to clean up, advocating for ourselves using our words and more. We will do all of this through modeling, positive reinforcement, redirection and will strive to meet each child where they are in their development.


Each day we will have morning table work, center time, several circle times, and snack. We will also take part in a daily rotating fine arts enrichment time including dance/tumbling, music, visual arts and acting.



Annual Registration & Materials Fee:


2 Day Program (Tu/Th): $198/mo

3 Day Program (M/W/F): $252/mo

5 Day Program (M-F): $360/mo

*Monthly Tuition includes your enrichment classes in the fine arts!